We are Manufacturers & Distributors

We at Premier Intergrators believe in providing a platform for digital purchase of ::

Vintage bricks

Wall Cladding tile

Wirecut bricks

Light weight concrete blocks ( AAC Blocks)

Terrace cooling tile

Laterite Blocks ( Raw & Polished )

Our manufacturing units are in: Tamil Nadu Karnataka and Kerala

We can manufacture custom sized extruded bricks and cladding

We also are distributors for AAC blocks or Light weight Concrete Blocks for Karnataka & Tamil Nadu.

Our Manufacturing thought.....

Our Bricks, wall cladding and concrete blocks are manufactured and supplied with high standards of technology.

We specialize in supply of Exposed / Facing wall bricks in standard and custom sizes based on requirment.

Our wall cladding range is international in texture and colour.

We have a 100 % track record of assured supply for Bricks, AAC blocks and wall cladding.